How to Activate your Purchase from a Trial

These settings appear for Kaspersky Internet Security, but are the same for Kaspersky Anti-Virus 
Step 1
First, you must open the Kaspersky program screen by clicking once on the red/black K in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen as seen below:

Step 2
Now you must click the small "Manage License" link found on the bottom right-hand side of the main program window, as seen below:

Step 3
Next you must click the "Activate the application " button, as seen below:

Step 4
Now enter the activation code you have received in your email,then click "Next":

Step 5
Finally Enter your email address and press Next.
After the activation has completed, you should see a message saying "Activation completed Successfully"and then click "Finish"



If you receive an error message check carefully the code you entered is correct.

Then check that you are running the correct program for the code type you have purchased.  A Kaspersky Pure code will not work with Kaspersky Internet Security or Kaspersky Anti Virus and vice versa.

Make sure you have a current version of your program.  The programs can be downloaded from the following link:


If you still have a problem please call or email the consumer support centre open from 8am-6PM M-F on email or a tollfree call on 1300 762 833

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